PUCARO is a member of the following associations:



Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry

ZVEI is among the most important industrial associations in Germany. The association is subdivided into 26 specialist associations and represents the economic, technological and environmental-political interests of the German electronics industry at international level.



Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies

The VDE is an international experts platform for science, standardisation and product inspections. The core topics are made up of the following three pillars: 1. Science. Technologies. Innovations, 2. Norms. Standards. Fundamentals 3. Testing. Safety. Consumer protection



The German Paper and Pulp Association

Union of paper, cardboard, paperboard, mechanical pulp and cellulose producers. The association is the top industrial association for the German cellulose and paper industry. It is made up of a cluster of 104 companies.