Electrical insulation materials and pressboard insulation components are suitable for use in oil-cooled power distribution transformers, in particular due to their high purity, mechanical strength and ability to be impregnated with oil. The insulation components made from the pressboard, such as angle rings (segments), chimney segments and moulded parts in the expelling area, allow optimal adaptation to the electrical field conditions in the transformer. In areas with high field strengths, in particular, the shape retention and good dielectric properties of these components prove their worth.

The insulation components are produced using special processing procedures, which guarantee high compaction and dimensional stability. The excellent mechanical properties of the insulation material provide the required safety in the event of a short circuit. The excellent ability to be impregnated with oil strengthens the electromechanical properties so that, in this combination, the components have excellent insulation properties.

Our customers are increasingly using complete insulation systems, known as insulation kits (preassembled insulation sets), which provide significant benefits in terms of cost and effectiveness.

With our competence and many years of experience in the area of insulation, our customers find in us a suitable strategic partner for these tasks.