Insulation KITs


PUCARO has many years of experience as a manufacturer of insulation kits for oil-filled transformers. These kits allow transformer manufacturers to increase their efficiency when developing windings. The aim of the winding kit is to have the insulation parts at hand or pre-mounted when manufacturing and assembling windings. Depending on the customer requirements, the insulation kit for winding benches and assembly can be delivered separately or together.

We provide our customers with the service of assembling their insulated components in accordance with their design and delivering them just-in-time.



How you benefit by using kit

 Reduction of the production costs and increase in production capacities by minimising lead times
 Cost transparency for insulation material
 Reduced freight costs through bundling of products and delivery dates
 Cost reduction for purchases as only one item now has to be ordered per transformer
 Reduction of storage costs for insulation material
 Creation of a more efficient internal organisation


Pre-assembled component sets - [PDF, 106 Kb]
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