Flexible Laminates


Our flexible insulation materials are used in electrical machines for layer insulation, slot insulation, slot closure and layer insulation. Due to the general demand for increased performance, the insulation materials are subject to high electrical and thermal loads. So that automated processing at the customer's premises can be performed optimally, our products feature high mechanical resistance and special surface properties (e.g. significantly decreased friction).


In particular, our multi-layer flexible laminates, made from pressboard, polyester and polyamide films, polyester non-woven material or aramide papers, fulfil these requirements.
The various methods of combining the individual materials and optional coatings allow optimal adjustment of the required properties to suit every customer.


Thanks to special outer layers made from pressboard, non-woven materials and NOMEX® papers, multi-layer insulation materials combine extremely well with impregnating resins. This is a prerequisite for a permanently stable insulation system. All flexible electrical insulation materials are available as rolls, tape, boards or as punched/grooved parts.